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My nuanced MCR fanfiction

Fictional degrees of brilliance.

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Welcome to mychroma.

We are a closed-membership community, but you are welcome to read the stories. If you wish to monitor this community, click here. By friending this community, you state that you are of legal age to read adult material.

If you got a mychroma invitation you can accept the invitation here:

What we are:

First of all we are sick of what's happening in the My Chemical Romance fandom, we are sick of the influx of bad fiction, bad grammar, bad spelling and overall illiteracy. Second, we are fans of My Chemical Romance who like to write and believe good fiction has not yet died. We try to gather it here and form a safe place for others like us to post our fanfiction stories in and receive constructive criticism and/or reviews that go a little further than 2 lines of text.

Member/Watcher information:

This is a closed community for one reason only: the input is subjective. Our viewpoint on what is literary in quality is only our opinion. We operate on an invitational basis because if we were to set up an application process, we would inevitably hurt feelings, which is quite opposite of our goals in this endeavour. You are, however, welcome to point out any worthy stories you may come across, either your own or someone else's, if you believe they merit our consideration.

About feedback: the authors appreciate your comments, both glowing reviews and constructive criticism. However, the Mods will not tolerate rude, abusive, or non-constructive comments. Anyone leaving a pointlessly negative comment will be banned from further commenting.

Something else:

Generally, I do not make any restrictions regarding the content of the stories submitted. This community's sole purpose is QUALITY. We strongly encourage experimentation and originality. Therefore, I do not impose any restrictions in chosen subjects for the stories. I believe in the concept of artistic license. The only requirement I have is for you to spell check, to include a warning at the beginning of the entry if what you're writing may be considered disturbing by other people and to rate it accordingly.

By that you accept the fact that the work you are submitting is pure fiction and your story does not encourage, glorify, or depict illegal activities (as they are described in the laws of your country and in international laws) in which you have taken part in or plan to take part in. I do not in any way encourage or accept stories that encourage, glorify or incite to illegal activities whatsoever. Such stories and the posters of such stories will be banned immediately.

Posting Guidelines

1) Please include the following info when posting a story:

- Title: (Also, add the title, chapter number and author into the ‘subject box' when posting.)
- Author: (Use this code: <*lj user="yourusernamegoeshere"*>, and remember to remove the asterisk other wise it will not work.)
- Pairing/Character: (if relevant.)
- Rating: (Put the rating that your story would come under depending on its context.)
- Summary: (Do not put an essay here, just a brief description.)
- Authors Note: (Dedications, warnings or anything you consider important and we should know goes here)
- Disclaimer: (Not optional.)

2) All stories go under an LJ-cut. This is not optional.


The events depicted in the stories archived here are fictitious and completely the creation of their respective authors. By becoming a member of this archive, it will be considered that all members have read and understood the rules described in the userinfo and agree with them. No harm is intended to the people depicted in the stories posted or their public personae. Even though similarities with the members of My Chemical Romance, or other public personas may be found they are in no way impling that any of the events or character traits are true. We do not know the members of My Chemical Romance and are in no way affiliated to them and this is just for entertainment purposes. No harm, libel or disrespect is intended. No statements whatsoever and no commercial gain are made out of the works archived here.

The mychroma community is proudly modded by rheakurokawa

You can contact the mod here: mychromamods@yahoo.com

*Infopage partly inspired by hp_literotica

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